Organic Catnip Sticks

Organic Catnip Sticks

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Make the perfect gift for your four-legged pals!

✔️  Natural Care: Natural Matatabi cat stick also known as Silver Vine roots helps cats in improving their dental Hygiene by getting rid of harmful plaque and tartar through exfoliation.


✔️ 100% Safe and Non-Addictive in Nature: Matatabi roots are the most popular amongst natural chews and contains 6 compounds that stimulates olfactory enrichment

✔️ Healthy and Fun: These plant materials are a lot of fun for your cat at home, they may also be helpful when socializing scared cats, keep your cat occupied and helps reducing stress during transportation etc. Matatabi cat stick can stimulate the senses and help promote activeness and gastrointestinal mobility.


✔️ Highly Cost Effective: With a volume pack of 20pcs, we offer one of the most competitive price in the market. While not all cats get a linking towards Silver vine immediately, it is suitable for cats of all ages and all breeds.

✔️ Freshness: Matabi sticks comes in resealable bags to protect their freshness. You can cut the gnawed matabi stick part and save the rest in the package.


So why think twice? For just $14,95, keep your cat happy and healthy!

For every purchase you make, Pal With Paws will donate 10% of your purchase price to help rescue and protect homeless pets!

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