Modern Acrylic Ant Farm

Modern Acrylic Ant Farm

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🐜✔️Our ant habitat space station takes science and education to a new level for kids, parents, and teachers. Inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers by providing new ways of learning, creating quality time, and bonding opportunities. This innovative toy encourages young, curious thinkers to engage and discover the world of entomology, ecology and biology.

🐜✔️OBSERVE LIVE ANTS THRIVE IN THE HABITATS AT HOME- Ants are amazing and highly intelligent creatures. With our ant farm you’ll get a front row seat to observe their life cycles, tunnel digging, and building skills. Learn how worker ants, transporter ants, and queens thrive in the kingdom with hard work, diligence, endurance, and teamwork. It's mesmerizing to observe how tiny ants can embody such amazing power.

🐜 ✔️WATCH & LEARN WITH UNIQUE ANT FARM- We’ve designed an ant farm that makes it easy for you to watch and learn all about these wonderful ants. 

🏰ANTS ARE NOT INCLUDED - Ant farm dimensions are:

Size: 3.15 inches (long) x 2.4 inches (high) x 2.4 inches (wide).

Considerations when choosing ant farms:

Setting up an ant farm includes the same considerations as any other terrarium or aquarium. Will the antarium/formicarium be used primarily to educate students on the social life of ants, or will it be an exhibit in a private home? One common concern with any type of ant farm is the safety of both the ants and the observers. Proper ventilation is essential, because an improperly ventilated tank can lead to the premature death of the ants and increased mold growth. The tank should also prevent any accidental escapes. Original ant farms, particularly the sandwich style tanks for home use, did not include lighting. The clear plastic or glass containers depended on external lighting. Modern ant farms often include a base containing a series of LEDs that provide internal lighting. These bulbs not only create an attractive glow for observers, but they also encourage worker ants to dig deeper and more complex tunnels.

Useful information:

Food and water stations

Ant farm colonies rely on supplies of food and water to survive. This usually means adding ant-friendly foods such as fruit, honey, sugar, meal worms and insects to the tank, along with a supply of clean water. Higher-end ant farms generally include stations where these ingredients can be added easily.

Live-ant suppliers

Ant farms are rarely if ever sold with live ants. Users must order ants from reputable suppliers. Red harvester ants are the most common breed used in ant farms, followed by carpenter ants. It is important to order a complete colony that includes a queen and a generous worker population.

Ant colonies are surprisingly complex and definitely worthy of scientific observation. This was the basic premise behind the original ant farms (antariums) introduced in the late 1950s. From ads in the backs of comic books or educational supply catalogs, teachers and parents could order a small plastic tank, some sand, and a supply of live carpenter or harvester ants. As the ants set up their new digs, children could observe how members of a society actually work together.


Q: How long will the ants in my farm live?

A: It can be difficult to pin down the average life expectancy of an ant colony in captivity, but the standard estimate is around 6 months. There may be some early losses due to environmental issues, while some colonies can survive for a year or longer.

Q: Do I have to order the ants from a special supplier, or can I just use ants from my own backyard?

A: Generally speaking, it is best to order ants from a reputable scientific supply company recommended by the ant farm's manufacturer. Ant colonies are very complex, and you might not be able to locate a queen and enough workers to establish a successful colony. Harvester or carpenter ants over a quarter inch in length are recommended.

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