Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes

Anti-Scratch Cat Shoes

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Make the perfect gift for your four-legged pal!


The Safest way to bathe your cat!

✔️ Quality materials: Made of food-grade silicone. Anti-Scratch Cat Foot Shoes is safe, non-allergic, soft, skin-friendly and easy for cats to accept.

✔️ Adjustable Foot Shoes: The size of the shoes can be adjusted. You can adjust the Magic sticker to fit the size of the cat's paw, make the foot covers perfect for your cat.



✔️ Bottom Hole Design: The design of the leakage hole at the bottom can prevent the accumulated water and keep clean. Let the water freely in and out when bathing.

✔️ Widely used: Used for cat bathing, Cutting nails, treatment, injection, prescription, protection before administration. Suitable for pet hospitals, pet shops, cat houses, household baths.


✔️ Safety protection: The protective boots can wrap the cat's paws, see a doctor, take a bath anti-scratch tool, no longer worry about being scratched by a cat. A perfect tool for your cat and other pets bathing and grooming.

How to Use:

1. The size can be adjustable and suitable for small and large cats. You can put the cat's claws into the boots and tighten the compression.

Why do I need this?

1. No longer worry about being scratched by your cat.
2. No longer worry about visiting the vet.
3. Not available in stores.


1. How to make my cat wear the shoes?

- Most animals, including cats, hate to wear shoes. Make your cat feel more comfortable before putting the shoes on. Immediately after you put the shoes, try to make fun activities with your cat. Something that your pet loves. Like chasing a favourite toy.

2. My cat isn't comfortable in these shoes. How to fix it?

- Adjust the shoes' tightness properly. Make sure it is not too tight so that your pet feels uncomfortable.

So why think twice? For just $19.95, bathe easy, bathe safe!

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