Cat Litter Mat

Cat Litter Mat

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 Make the perfect gift for your four-legged pals!


The Easiest way to clean your cats' litter!

😻Large Cat Litter Mat - 30" X 22" Our litter mat keeps your home clean all day, large and deep holes can hold litter in a cat's PAWS, set you free from constantly collecting scattered cat litter and urine. Let you experience the true benefits of "Big on size means small on mess!"


😻 Double Layer Structure - Our cat litter trapper mat has two layers: the upper layer is designed with honeycomb holes. Raised points on the surface make the mat skidproof and wearable. Besides, your cat will like the texture - his claws won't get stuck, and it is soft to touch.

✔️ 😻 Waterproof Base - Made of ultra lightweight, durable and eco-friendly EVA foam rubber, ideal for sensitive kitties & kittens. The cat litter mat is designed with TPE rubber and in unique hexagonal design, which makes the bottom layer waterproof and non-slip. Meanwhile prevent urine from soaking in the bottom layer, keep your floor dry all the time.

✔️ 😻 Easy To Clean - Ultra lightweight and water resistant plastic material is super easy to clean. Plus, the edge seam makes it easy for you to take out the trash or put it back in the bin. There are three methods to clean the mat up, tip and pour, hose dirt off and use the vacuum is okay. And it's good as new.

✔️ 😻 Safe For Your Pets - Made from lightweight, durable, non-toxic, water-proof TPE rubber, soft and taste fresh TPE rubber will not hurt you cat's paw. Our team will solve all your problems in 24 hours. And we will provide quality after-sales service!

How to Use:

Why do I need this?


1. Suitable for hooded litter boxes , covered , automatic , self cleaning , top-entry litter boxes ,litter pans furniture litter boxes and any other litter boxes.

2. Very Large. Definitely will do the trick. You will notice much less litter on the floor. 

3. You can always put more of it under the litter box if it takes up too much room.

4. Not available in stores.


1. Does this work with traditional cat litter or clumpable type?

The holes are rather small so traditional litter works best.

2. Is this machine washable?

- Just hose it off...nothing sticks to it or soaks in.

So why think twice? For just $39.95, stay clean!

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