Custom Photo Titanium Pet Keychain

Custom Photo Titanium Pet Keychain

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Make the perfect gift for your four-legged pal!


The Perfect Holiday Gift For Yourself, Your Family Or Friends!

⬆️NOTE: Once you upload your photo/photos you will be able to write the name of your lovely pet/pets. Every photo will appear with a field below it. If there is enough space left on the keychain we will be able to write and the names of your pet/pets. After that just Add to Cart. Happy Shopping!⬆️

✔️ Our creative team begins with optimizing your photo for the engraving process by drawing a figure that perfectly captures the subject of your photo.🐾

✔️🐕 From there, your Titanium Steel is delicately cut, engraved and polished to shine– giving your memories the beautiful details they deserve.💖

✔️💖 The back of the keychain says: "Always in my heart ❤"

✔️ 🐾Your everlasting Titanium Steel piece is now ready to be worn and enjoyed forever.🌎

Personalize your Titanium Steel Keychain by expressing your feelings for the closest friends you have. 

Bring your Titanium Steel Keychain with you and feel that your loved one always kept you company.

💖Upload a high resolution photo of your choice. (Read Guidelines)🐕

Our professionals will cut the subject on your photo into a silhouette and engrave the keychain pendant exactly like the photo.

Within 5 business days we manufacture the pendant and have it ready to be shipped to you.

✔️ Pal With Paws Limited - Not Available In Stores 🐕

    ✔️ 🐾 How does the process work:

    1. Take a cute pic of your bestie (suitable for any pets or animals!)
    2. Upload your pet's photo by clicking the "Choose Image" button.
    3. Place your order.
    4. We customize your photos into the design.🐕
    5. We make the items.
    6. Voila 🐕! The perfect gift for any pet owner is on the way!🐾

      The quality of the picture is important. Make sure to only upload sharp photos where the subject is in focus and all the contours are clearly visible. A modern smartphone does the job!

      ✔️🐶 Wonder about your photo's quality? Here are some examples and things to look for!🐾

      ✔️ It's important! The light source should preferably shine straight onto the subject. If the picture is very dark, it is difficult for us to know exactly where to engrave and it will make the final product less detailed, especially on pets with black fur.🐾

      ✔️ We recommend to do 1 animal per pendant. If you really want both of your pets on the same pendant, make sure that all the animals are positioned next to eachother with little to no space in between them. Also keep in mind that using multiple pets won't increase the diameter size of the finished pendant.🐕

      What is not included in the picture can not be included on the pendant. If the whole body is visible, we try to make a whole body silhouette, otherwise we make a head silhouette.


      💖 A high resolution photo shot in great lighting conditions will turn out the best.

      ✔️ Production Time

      Since your pendant is a custom design that needs to be manufactured by hand, please allow 5 business days for your order to be dispatched from our workshop.🌎

      When your order is sent, you will receive a tracking number to your email. If you have not received it, or have another problem, contact and we will help you as soon as possible!💖

      Customize Time : 2 Business Days

      ✔️ Production Time: 3 Business Days

      ✔️ Shipping Time: 5-9 Business Days🌎

      Comes in a cute jewelry box:


      Q: Can I fit more than 1 dog on the keychain?

      A: Yes, you can! We recommend to do 1 animal per pendant. If you really want both of your pets on the same pendant, make sure that all the animals are positioned next to eachother with little to no space in between them!

      Q: What if I don't have a group photo of my pets?

      A: Unfortunately that won't do the trick. Pets must be in one photo!

      So why think twice? Honor your loved one and memorialize them into an everlasting piece made out of premium Titanium Steel!

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