Dog Anti-Anxiety Thundershirt

Dog Anti-Anxiety Thundershirt

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Make the perfect gift for your four-legged pals!


The Safest way to protect your dog from Stress and Anxiety!🐕❤️

✔️ Anti Anxiety for Dogs: Anxiety Jacket Shirt Applies the Gentle,Constant Pressure at Your Dog’s Torso to Ease Your Dog’s Fear, Anxiety, and Over-Excitement, Calms Them Down and Makes Them Feel Safe!🐕

✔️ ❤️HELPING MILLIONS OF DOGS: With over an 80% success rate, Our Anti-anxiety vest is recommended by thousands of vets, trainers, and pet owners alike. Combine use with our effective Stress-free vest for double the calming power.🐶

✔️ ORIGINAL DOG CALMING WRAP: Our Unique design applies gentle, constant pressure to calm anxiety, fear, and over excitement due to a variety of environmental triggers.🐕


✔️ ❤️❤️Soft and Comfortable Material: It Will Not Hurt the Skin of Your Dog Even Wearing for A Long Time.Durable and Machine Washable Material.

✔️ We are COMMITTED: to making affordable, effective, easy-to-use solutions for real problems faced by real pet families. Our Calming and Walking innovations create functional solutions for common pet problems.



✔️ Widely Usage:The Shirt Will Be Effectively Helpful to Reduce Your Dog's Anxiety During Thunder, Loud Noises, Travel, Fireworks, Flames, Strangers and Separation,So That Dog Will Calm Down!🐶


✔️ Easy to Wear: Without Any Complicated Straps or Buckles, Applies in Minutes, Adjust the Flaps Freely to Make A Perfect Fit!🐶


Why Do I Need This?🐕

! DRUG-FREE CALMING: Effectively eases anxieties during fireworks, thunder, separation, travel, vet visits, and much more with no training and no medication, so your beloved pet receives naturally soothing relief. Great for rescue dogs!


1. How does the thundershirt work?🐕

It applies light pressure to the chest, stomach, and back of the dog.

2. How do we figure if this will fit our dog?🐶

- They should be a little snug but keep in mind that they do run a little smaller.

So why think twice? Keep your dog safe and secure! 

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