The GOT King - Custom Pet Canvas

The GOT King - Custom Pet Canvas

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Make the perfect gift for your four-legged pal!


The Perfect Gift For Yourself, Your Family Or Friends!


✔️ To generate the posh portraits, all you need to do is upload a photo of your aristocratic pet and select a body that captures their “distinguished personality.” Once ordered, the site’s artist starts “digitally mastering” the final design. Once perfect, the portrait is printed onto high-quality canvas, framed, boxed up, and posted. The perfect gift for that someone who’s obsessed with their pet, the “lovingly crafted portrait” will last for years, and can “be passed down from generation to generation so your pet's legacy can last forever.”

He is . . . Lord of the Seven Kingdoms.

✔️ Most pet owners would consider their adored furry friends part of the family, and some might even treat their animals like royalty. Pal With Paws is a website that allows you to transpose photos of your pet’s head onto the body of a classic portrait painting to create a custom masterpiece. The available “bodies” include a Distinguished General, a Mighty Majesty, a Fetching Princess, and more that can then be printed on canvas, framed, and hung proudly over your mantelpiece.

️🐶 Pick your costume, upload a pet photo, and place your order. Our designers will do the rest!

Our carefully crafted canvases are printed on Grade A cotton ONLY (none of that cheap paper stuff), is water resistant, AND comes in a frame made from high quality Balsa tree wood. Long story short: you know you’re getting the best of the best when you order from us.

Need to remind the common folk of your pet's legendary status?💖

Or just want to gift a smile to a friend/loved one with an unique portrait of their favorite fur baby? (Or fish, or tortoise, any pet really.)🦜

This unique gift will make a great conversation piece in any home, or it will be a gift - never forgotten. One-of-a-kind masterpiece!

️ 🐾 We print on high quality cotton canvas that really show off your customized pet portrait with a brilliant, vibrant finish. Available in three sizes, our posters make great gifts and can be framed at home to give a really luxurious finish.

️ 🐾 Our artists design your custom pet artwork by hand. With love, care and attention. Capturing your pet's unique personality and facial expression, and turning your pet photo in to an incredible one of a kind pet art, ready to show off in your home.🐶

Pal With Paws customized pet products make the most thoughtful gifts to pet owners everywhere.

️ 🐾 How does the process work:

  1. Take a cute pic of your bestie (suitable for any pets or animals!)💖
  2. Upload your pet's photo using our easy upload button "Choose Image".
  3. Place your order.
  4. We customize your photos into the design.🐱
  5. We make the items.
  6. Voila 🐕! The perfect gift for any pet owner is on the way!

️🐶 Wonder about your photo's quality? Here are some examples and things to look for!

🐶 All orders are shipped fully tracked!

Artwork Portrait Creation Time

Usually this is 3-4 days, but as we are very busy at the moment, portraits are taking a bit longer to produce!

• We'll start printing within 24 hours of receiving your order!💖

Why US?🐱

1✔️️. Our pet portrait canvas and poster products (and everything else) make a great gift idea to the dog lover, cat mom, or pet owner in your life.

2✔️️. Unlimited revisions! Whether it's a dog portrait, horse portrait or cat painting. We work until you're absolutely 100% happy.

3✔️️. Amazingly high quality artwork - every portrait is carefully designed by hand.💖
4✔️. All orders are shipping fully tracked and recorded in protective packaging.

🐕 Still not sure? Contact our support team and let us answer your questions.🐱

If you've always wanted a dog drawing or watercolor oil painting of your pet, a Pal With Paws digital painting/dog portrait, or cat painting (all pets are welcome), is a luxurious, eye-catching alternative.🐕

So why think twice? Let's get started on your pet art portrait today - all pets welcome!🐶

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