Waterproof Dog Winter Boots

Waterproof Dog Winter Boots

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Make the perfect gift for your four-legged pals!


The Perfect Holiday Gift For Yourself, Your Family Or Friends!

The Safest way to walk with your dog!

✔️ 4 Pack shoes sold together, made of soft PU leather material, anti-slip rubber soles let your puppy moves freely and safely in outside/inside activities, durable paw protectors can keep them warm, dry and comfort in cold weather.

 ✔️ Our Dog pet shoes are lightweight, look cute and could be easily put on/off, protect against heat pavement/sand and keep cold/snow away, secure clean paws all season around. Adjustable Velcro straps ensure a tight fit, so these running shoes for dogs doesn’t get kicked out.

 ✔️ Our Dog Boots are fleece lined, conform to its natural paw shape, and provide a natural feeling of traction for your pup. Dogs will feel safer and being protected with our shoes on.

 ✔️ Fashionable puppy shoes is so useful when walking the dog. For perfect fit, keeps the paws flat to fully opened, then measure from the bottom of the big heel pad to the tip of the longest toe nail. If the paw is in-between two sizes, choose the larger size.

How to Use:

1. Measure across the whole paw pad to get the greatest measure of paw width and length for reference, including the toe, nail and hair.

2. Adjust the boot on paws slightly, and it will fit OK.

Why do I need this?

1. Cute dogs also love daily walks in life. This set of soft skid-proof mesh boots will act as a good partner for them, will provide traction and protect the paws in daily environment.
2. Reflective stripe will also keep your dog safe at night. 

3. Protects the paws from thorns and injuries.

So why think twice? Walk safe! Be happy!

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